The Adsit Company

The new Adsit Company website was one of the first projects I worked on while at JDA Worldwide (then simply JDA), and presented all of the challenges that come from working with new teams, new clients, and new processes. On the surface, the scope was fairly simple: give Adsit a much needed facelift while maintaining their original product database. What ended up building was a completely custom shopping cart and backend, and man oh man, it challenged us. I learned a number of new skills and got to flex my “full stack” muscles quite a bit with this project, and this was easily one of the more complicated WordPress sites I’ve had the privilege of working on.


My most recent Branding Freedom + RSV project, this one was also the most visually complicated. Taking a different approach to design, we created an entirely modular site that fit together like building blocks. What this meant, from a build perspective, was an incredibly complex set of layout options that provided the curators complete control over nearly every front end detail.


This project allowed me to work with both JDA Worldwide and Branding Freedom, and it was an amazing experience. One of the last pieces of a major rebrand project for a long time client, this project was another labor of love. We had a number of pivots to the original scope which unfortunately resulted in significant delays, but when the project did launch, everyone was ecstatic. What started as a simple brochure website turned into a multi-template content syndication platform, allowing Biglife to having incredibly robust control over their content, capabilities, and message.

One of the most enjoyable projects of late, the site is the culmination of months of work for JDA Worldwide. The launch of this project coincided with the airing of a number of different TV spots written and produced by JDA to promote the opening of the Museum of the Bible in November, 2017. This project had a singular goal: allow users to watch the short film with as few distractions possible. Additionally, this landing page had a potential audience in the tens of millions, so performance was critical. The final hurdle? An incredibly short development window and the desire to iterate at every turn. While I am very pleased with the end result of this project, the road to get there was far from smooth and required a lot of long days, adaptability, and determination.