Brad Thor

I came in on the tail end of this project, and took it from about 75% to launch. While my role during the initial project was lessened, it quickly grew as additional capabilities were requested. Bonus: This was one of the first “large audience” sites that I did, and I learned a ton about solving real world challenges while still staying true to scope and

Branding Freedom

A sprint to the finish line, this site was completed with Branding Freedom, formerly Schock Creative, to support their rebranding initiatives in 2016. We broke a lot of rules, and I would definitely do it differently if given the chance, but I’m proud to be a part of the Branding Freedom “team” and was excited to work on their site for them.

Blumhouse Productions

The first joint collaborative project between myself, RSV and Branding Freedom, this project was one of the first large-scale robust content syndicate platforms I helped created. While my role in this was predominantly as the front end developer, my responsibilities quickly expanded into WordPress integration and build-out. While some deviations have been made to both visual components and site structure, much of my original build remains to this day.

The Herd Now

The second collaboration with Branding Freedom and RSV, my role again was that of a front end developer. Fresh off the success of the Blumhouse launch, the development team became a well oiled machine. We had opportunities to innovate and take risks that would not have been possible before, and I can truly say that this project was a defining moment of my development career. As fun as it was challenging, The Herd Now is a project I will never forget.


My most recent Branding Freedom + RSV project, this one was also the most visually complicated. Taking a different approach to design, we created an entirely modular site that fit together like building blocks. What this meant, from a build perspective, was an incredibly complex set of layout options that provided the curators complete control over nearly every front end detail.


This project allowed me to work with both JDA Worldwide and Branding Freedom, and it was an amazing experience. One of the last pieces of a major rebrand project for a long time client, this project was another labor of love. We had a number of pivots to the original scope which unfortunately resulted in significant delays, but when the project did launch, everyone was ecstatic. What started as a simple brochure website turned into a multi-template content syndication platform, allowing Biglife to having incredibly robust control over their content, capabilities, and message.