Brad Thor

I came in on the tail end of this project, and took it from about 75% to launch. While my role during the initial project was lessened, it quickly grew as additional capabilities were requested. Bonus: This was one of the first “large audience” sites that I did, and I learned a ton about solving real world challenges while still staying true to scope and


About a month after going JDA Worldwide, I was asked to create a simple landing page for one of our new subsidiaries, Conquer. A classic case of being your own worst client, this landing page persisted for way too long and never did justice to the desires or needs of Conquer. As part of our 2017 initiatives, I was bound and determined to get Conquer a new website. Call it a labor of love or maybe a lesson in persistence; either way, launching Conquer was a great achievement for all involved, and I was proud to be on the team that made it happen. And PS: Alan Crissey remains an amazing developer.